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Shrinking my Wardrobe Made Me Feel Better

Are your clothes judging you?  Or rather are you using your clothes to judge yourself?  A few weeks ago I would have said no.  Now I know I was wrong.  I thought having endless options of what to wear and when to wear it was the way to feel like you always had clothes that would make you feel good, no matter what.  You know what I mean if I am having a “fat” day what clothes will make me feel attractive.  If  I am having a “hot” day which will highlight that?

As I am focusing on living more simply, I have been reading up on minimizes my wardrobe.  I took a few weeks and I have finally made my initial cleaning in all categories.  It resulted in a pretty significant reduction.  It had some important results.  Some I could expect from other efforts to simplify, but some I found surprising.


First, I no longer hate opening my closet and my drawers.  I used to really dread it.  Mostly because it took forever to find anything, and sometimes it took so long I gave up on looking for the item I really wanted and settled for something I did not even like.  Also it gets old pretty fast, when you are hit by something falling out of your closet every time you open it.  Why that has not bothered me for decades I am not sure.  Now when I open each drawer and closet I can find in seconds exactly what I am looking for at that moment.  It has been weeks since I was hit by a hangar, shoe, or suitcase.  Also did you know drawers not overfilled actually slide open and don’t require you to brace your foot on the cabinet while you pull it open.  All of that I might have expected.  Still I am enjoying it.

The surprising thing I noticed is I now love my clothes.  I don’t mean I love clothes and I am headed out to buy more.  I mean the clothes I kept make me so happy.  As I was cleaning out, I asked myself honestly how do I feel when I wear this?  I am a pretty confident girl who does not tie herself in knots about how I look.  I actually found that the answer to that question was often things like: fat, out of shape, out of proportion, tight, sloppy.  Umm, who starts out their day or any activity with the goal of feeling like that?  Apparently me before now.  Now I have less choice and maybe for some people who might be a bad thing, but for me, everything I kept makes me happy and feel good about myself.  Truth be told I am none of the things my clothes accused me of being.  Who knew efficiency, peace, and self-esteem could be found in a more streamlined wardrobe?