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Facebook Fast…Do I Still Exist?

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I hope you are sitting down for this.  I removed Facebook from my phone.  I know what you are thinking, and no, I have not become Amish.  What I am trying to become is more aware, intentional, and present and Facebook as well as so many of our social media platforms are the actual and “virtual” antithesis of that.  See what I did there?  That is a shout out to all the English majors and minors out there.

I also decided not to check it regularly.  So for me, that means once a week or less.  I am pretty sure some of my Facebook “friends” think I have died or contracted some horrible disease.  My friends who really exist in flesh and bone actually know that I just felt like this was not a productive use of my time.  Here is the thing, when you strive to become more aware… we are back to this conundrum again.  You become aware.  I became aware of a couple of things.  I spend a ridiculous amount of time checking on people, most of whom I would never bother to call or even text, and apparently I care about their crazy political opinions and what they ate for dinner.  Second thing, turns out  I don’t actually care about any of that.  If I want to know what a friend of mine thinks about an issue near and dear to me, I am probably going to have a more nuanced understanding of their opinion by discussing it face to face.  Also I can get the recipe for that vegetarian lasagna they made last night.  Next thing I became aware of, we only have so many hours in our day.  Now that I am trying to live more intentionally I need to make conscious choices about how I use that time.

It really is as simple as those word problems we used to do in school.  If Kathy has 24 hours in a day and she like to get 8 hours of sleep and she works for 8 hours and her commute and lunch hour add another two hours how many hours does she have left?  The answer is six hours.  SIX Hours to do all the things she has recently prioritized: meditate, spend time with husband, spend time with the cats, write, read, run, cook healthy meals, help my mother, and volunteer.  Yes fitting all of that in is a challenge.  There is nowhere in there for spend two hours scrolling through a lot of random opinions from people I have not kept up with since high school, but am constantly reminded of why I never kept up every time I log into Facebook.

If social media is important to you than it should be a priority, enjoy it.  It has a purpose.  My work requires it.  I don’t hate it.  I still can enjoy a small helping.  Who doesn’t love a viral cat video.  I mean I am human.  All of this social media reevaluation left we with a lingering concern.  In today’s interweb-connected world of “I tweet therefore I am.”  If I don’t, Am I not?

Author: fromtypeatotypeahh

I am a water resource manager in Atlanta Georgia. I am married with no two legged children but we have have 5 cats. I love reading, writing, running, meditation, travel and staying at home spending quiet time with my husband and cats. I am passionate about cooking and health. I love learning new things and growing. I am very interested in and beginning to explore minimalism to find real value in what matters.

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